Technical Due Diligence

  • Systematic Review
  • Analysis
  • Risk Association

Technical Due Diligence

CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd has a team of building surveyors experienced in technical due diligence of commercial and industrial properties (Building Act 2004).

A technical due diligence is the process of systematic review, analysis and discovery in which the prospective purchaser, occupier or financier gathers information about the condition of the physical characteristics and essential services of the property.  This enables them to make an informed assessment of the risks associated with the transaction.

CoveKinloch will provide a diligent, thorough report tailored to suit the client’s requirements, often now including environmental risk and sustainability matters. It is therefore essential that prior to any site inspection or report that we obtain a full briefing and an understanding of the client’s needs.

Beyond the technical due diligence report and with the knowledge gained through the exercise we can, if required, provide additional services of ‘premises condition reports’, ‘schedules of reinstatement’ or ‘long term maintenance planning’.


Jason Timms
Senior Building Consultant
022 687 3498
Ron Thomas
Senior Building Consultant
027 473 3077


  • What type of buildings/properties are you able to inspect?

    We can inspect a plethora of buildings ranging from single storey and multi commercial units, industrial and processing facilities to residential care facilities.

  • What services are included in a TDD report?

    The services range from base building fabric and structure, external cladding and grounds and a cursory inspection of the mechanical (HVAC), electrical and hydraulic (plumbing) services through to a full inspection of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services. We can also include a structural IEP (Initial evaluation Procedure/seismic risk) survey.

  • How long will it take to get a report?

    We will endeavour to work within your time scales bearing in mind the timelines before a sale & purchase agreement becomes unconditional. As a general guide, we are able to turn around a report within 10 – 15 working days of instruction to proceed.