Fire Engineering

CoveKinloch New Zealand provides fire engineering services for residential and unit title buildings across the North Island. With offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Wellington, there’s a CoveKinloch New Zealand fire engineer near your residential development.

Working closely with you, CoveKinloch New Zealand have the experience and expertise to meet your precise needs, from optimal fire design solutions, right through to the implementation of practical, cost-effective fire protection systems. We have a successful track record of developing innovative solutions to meet the performance requirements of the building codes.

Our fire engineering services for residential and unit title buildings include:

Fire Engineering Design

Multi-unit apartment blocks and many other residential developments will require a fire engineering design report for building consent, both for new builds and alterations. We are skilled in NZ Building Code Acceptable Solution, Verification Method and specific design reports.

Complex CFD Modelling for Fire Protection

We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) computer modelling to design the most effective fire protection systems for large and complex residential buildings.

Construction Monitoring for Fire Protection

Ensuring fire protection systems are implemented correctly at construction stage is critical to the safety and compliance of your buildings. Our fire engineers can work on-site to ensure this happens.

Pre-Purchase Inspections & Advice

Our fire engineers can inspect any residential or unit title building to assess the existing fire protection systems in place, and advise you of any compliance implications you may face in the future.

Download a copy of our ‘Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Design’ brochure here


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Do I need a Fire Report for alterations to my building?

In general, any non-residential work that requires an application for building consent will require a fire report. Please contact us directly and we will discuss the regulatory requirements applicable to your building.