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CoveKinloch is a long established leading consulting and services company delivering professional and technical expertise to the built environment sector.

We have teams of building surveyors, building consultants and fire engineers. Our staff underpin CoveKinloch’s reputation for technical and professional expertise.

  • Established in 2002
  • 100% Owned & Operated
  • Nation-wide Services NZ

Industry insights

A ‘Fire Engineering Statement’ for Building Consent

Normally, changes to a building’s layout or its Specified Systems require a building consent and hence require a fire report. However, minor alterations such as: Alterations to internal non-fire rated partitions; Alterations to surface & floor finishes; are examples of work which do not trigger building consent under Schedule 1 of the NZ Building Act […]

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Why are there so many outstanding Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) in New Zealand and does it matter?

A CCC (Code Compliance Certificates in New Zealand) is a formal statement issued, confirming that the building work carried out under a building consent complies both with that building consent and the NZ Building Code. However, our observation from client enquiry is that outstanding and unresolved CCC’s (Code Compliance Certificates) are not uncommon at all. […]

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