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CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd has a proven track record of providing practical and cost-effective fire engineering services for owned or leased building stock.

Our experienced fire engineering team provides fire engineering reports, fire safety design, advice, documentation and technical support.

Our fire engineering services include:

Fire Engineering Design

Building consent applications for new buildings and alterations will likely require a fire engineering design report. We can assist with Acceptable Solution design reports, as well as more complex and innovative solutions using Verification Method, Alternative Solution or Specific Design methods.


CFD Modelling

Complex CFD Modelling for Fire Protection

Larger and more complex buildings may require computer modelling (Building Act 2004) to assist in the design of an effective fire protection system and we have significant experience in this area.

Construction Monitoring

The implementation of an effective fire protection system is just as important as its design. Our experienced fire engineers can work closely with your project team to ensure all systems are implemented correctly and in accordance with the NZ Building Code.

Technical Due Diligence

Our fire engineers can provide technical due diligence inspections and expert advice on any building prior to committing to an unconditional sale and purchase agreement.

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