Long Term Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Management Plan

Maintenance Requirements

Building Elements Life Span

Sinking Fund Analysis

Compliant With Unit Titles Act/s

CoveKinloch supports both Commercial Property Owners and Bodies Corporate in preparing Long Term Maintenance Plans (LTMP) for the common property of their unit title building.

In the case of Bodies Corporate there is a mandatory requirement of The Unit Title Act 2010 and it’s 2022 amendments to prepare and maintain an LTMP. An LTMP will ensure that unit owners, Bodies Corporate and prospective buyers are aware of the condition of all common area elements. It details their maintenance requirements over the next 10 years (for larger Bodies Corporate years 11-30 are incorporated), remaining economic life and estimated cost to maintain.

Critical to managing the physical wellbeing of any building, a well-established and executed LTMP can also support the building’s commercial value.

Extending beyond the establishment of the plan itself, CoveKinloch can help Bodies Corporate with Maintenance Management particularly with the larger more complex scopes of work such as: repainting, reroofing, cladding work and any work that requires a building consent.

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