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Long Term Maintenance Plan

  • Condition
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Building Life-Span
  • Maintenance Fund Analysis
  • Maintenance Management Plan

Long Term Maintenance Plans

CoveKinloch supports Body Corporates in preparing Long Term Maintenance Plans for the common property of their unit title building.

Now a mandatory requirement of the Unit Title Act 2010, a Long Term Maintenance Plan will ensure that unit owners, Body Corporates and prospective buyers are aware of the condition of all common area elements, their maintenance requirements over the next 10 years, remaining economic life and estimated cost to maintain.

Critical to managing the physical wellbeing of your building, a well-established and executed Long Term Maintenance Plan can also support the building’s commercial value.

You can be assured of a diligent, thorough service from CoveKinloch, regardless of property size, adhering to the regulations of the Unit Title Regulations 2011.

Extending beyond the establishment of the plan itself, CoveKinloch can help Body Corporates with Maintenance Management particularly with the larger more complex scopes of work such as repainting, reroofing, cladding work and any work that requires a building consent.


What will be included in a building maintenance plan?

Every building’s maintenance plan is specific to that building.

How long will it take to produce a maintenance plan?

Most long term maintenance plans can be delivered within 15 working days from completion.

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