Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Testing and Investigation

When the presence of mould is suspected, indoor air quality testing is a useful tool to determine how serious the issue is. It will determine what, if any mould spores are present and we discuss issues sorrounding occupation of the space.

Mould can be found on almost all the surface under the right conditions of moisture (ongoing moisture ingress or a sudden single moisture event), higher humidity and warmer temperatures. It is common products, cardboard, ceiling tiles and wood based products. Mould growth will continue if the moisture source remains undiscovered or without intervention.

 Following air testing we arrange for independent laboratory analysis and provide air quality test results.


We can provide advice on the type and level of any contamination and on the issues realting to maintaining occupation

We can assist and manage a plan to identify and remediate the source of the problem and co-ordinate a complete mould clean of the affected area.

Ongoing monitoring is recommended until the air quality has returned to an acceptable level.


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