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Exterior Cladding Reports

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Exterior Cladding Reports

Changes made to the New Zealand Building Code in the late 1990s, together with a shift in industry delivery standards, led to what is known as the ‘Leaking Building Crisis’.

The weathertightness problem arises with a combination of all or some of the following factors: untreated timber framing, lack of a self-draining cavity system, monolithic cladding systems, lack of flashings, poor quality construction detailing and architectural design features that encourage rather than deter moisture entry.

These leaking buildings require refurbishment. Targeted repair (partial recladding), on balance, is an inappropriate solution. These buildings carry a stigma and are generally either remediated by the owner or on sold at significant discount.

Experienced and qualified Building Surveyors will undertake a full visual site inspection to identify suspect weathertightness detailing, the current cladding condition and weathertightness condition of the property. We can provide you with a professional peer-reviewed report for the property.

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