CoveKinloch New Zealand Supports Metlifecare with the Successful Purchase of The Selwyn Foundation’s Six Retirement Villages and Commercial Laundry

CoveKinloch New Zealand has recently completed technical due diligence services for Metlifecare in support of the recently confirmed conditional sale and purchase agreement between Metlifecare and The Selwyn Foundation.

Our services encompassed bringing together and managing a large team of technical disciplines spanning building surveying, fire engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, asbestos and building services.

The role, in support of Metlifecare spanned several months, changing Covid lockdown levels and cross Covid border restrictions which bought with it challenges for all parties involved. We delivered a planned mix of desk top review and site survey due diligence reporting. On completion of this work, we provided advice and commentary in support of a number of the final property related terms and conditions.

Metlifecare CEO Earl Gasparich said, “The acquisition of these six Selwyn sites is an excellent opportunity for Metlifecare to take a big step forward towards the strategic objectives of our Full Potential Plan.”

In reference to the services delivered by CoveKinloch New Zealand, CEO Earl Gasparich noted, “The CoveKinloch team did a terrific job. I appreciate how the team understood the commercial angles of the work as well; their input helped us towards a successful strategic outcome for Metlifecare.”

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