Long Term Maintenance Plan

We are advocates of maintenance planning and the use of maintenance plans for owners and occupiers of the built environment.

A practical, well prepared and easy to follow maintenance plan will ensure that owners and occupiers are aware of the condition of the key elements of a building and the maintenance requirements over the next 10 years. We will estimate the remaining useful years of these key elements and costs associated with maintenance and or replacement.

Critical to managing the physical wellbeing of a building, a well-established and executed long term maintenance plan can also support the building’s commercial value. It will provide technical information for those responsible for buildings maintenance to help make informed and timely decisions. Often the information contained within our maintenance plans helps to avoid future costly failures of key building elements.

CoveKinloch has qualified, experienced building surveyors and other specialist engineering and technical skills to ensure a diligent, thorough service, regardless of property type or size. We are recognised as industry leaders in the field of preparing maintenance plans for buildings.

Extending beyond the establishment of the plan itself, CoveKinloch can also help clients with ongoing maintenance management and general advice relating to the technical aspect of their built environment.

Relevant contacts

Auckland contact

Tony Jones

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Deirdre McShane


What will be included in a building maintenance plan?

Every building’s maintenance plan is specific to that building.

How long will it take to produce a maintenance plan?

Most long term maintenance plans can be delivered within 15 working days from completion.