Residential Weathertightness Report

Is your building a leaky one?

Changes made to the New Zealand Building Code in the late 1990s, together with a shift in industry delivery standards led to what is now commonly known as the ‘Leaking Building Crisis’.

The problem arises with a combination of all or some of the following factors:  the installation of untreated timber framing, lack of a self-draining cavity system, monolithic cladding systems, lack of flashings, poor quality construction detailing and architectural design features that encourage rather than deter moisture entry.

Leaking buildings generally require recladding at significant cost, or due to the stigma attached, may be sold at a discount in order to achieve a sale.  Targeted repairs, on balance, are an inappropriate solution.

CoveKinloch staff are trained and highly experienced in the fields of exterior cladding reviews, remediation design, evidence gathering, expert witness and remediation management.

We urge both vendors and purchasers of residential property with monolithic cladding to commission a Residential Weathertightness Report prior to commitment to an unconditional sale and purchase agreement.  This extends to Bodies Corporate of multi-unit residential complexes. Our reports provide factual information, together with comment of the potential effects of the stigma issue surrounding monolithic clad properties.

Our surveyors will undertake a full visual site inspection, and using a non-intrusive moisture metre, will determine weathertightness risk.  We can review the buildings plans and property file if available, and provide you with a professional peer-reviewed report for the property.

Prove your home’s weathertightness or protect yourself before buying a new one.

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What is 'stigma'?

Stigma, as it relates to monolithic clad properties in New Zealand, is the impact that the cladding materials has on people’s perceptions and their perceived value of the property concerned. Whether a property leaks or not, whether it is built well or not, if it has the visual look of a typical leaky building then it likely to suffer from stigma. Measuring the impact on residential sale figures of stigma is very difficult to do. Conversely some argue that a reclad property still attracts a level of stigma due to its history. Opinions vary greatly on these issues. CoveKinloch is of the view that a well reclad property using proven materials and experienced design ideas will add the full value back to a property.