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Maintenance Management

  • Project Planning
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Maintenance Management

Within the life cycle of any building, there will always be a requirement for maintenance work to be undertaken which can range from relatively minor items through to projects of considerable expenditure. As with a green field project, these larger maintenance projects require considerable planning, detailing and expert management to ensure successful outcomes.

Maintenance projects are driven by a range of different requirements such as the recommendations from a maintenance plan, a new owner’s requirements or to hold or attract lessees.  Obtaining independent professional advice is well worthwhile and offers significant benefits over dealing with subcontractors directly.  Our clients receive a detailed scope of work with budgets, a project plan, formal contractual documentation, a professional procurement process, site observation, financial management and a professional ‘close out’ process.

Our recent experience covers projects such as reroofing of industrial sites, exterior repainting, site works, common area repainting, flooring upgrades and services improvements.


Is it more cost effective for me to engage sub-contractors directly as a building owner/manager?

The short answer to this is no. This tends to result in an uncoordinated approach and a reactive approach to maintenance rather than a proactive one. Specialised contractors generally perform well in rectifying issues when they arise and this is their function. The secret is to minimise these occurrences through a proactive approach of ‘preventative maintenance’. To do this, professional input is required with an overall independent focus on reducing maintenance and focussing on overall collective costs. This approach inevitably reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of building components.

Do I need a building consent for maintenance work on commercial buildings?

The short and conditional answer is no, however all work must comply with the building code. Lawful repairs and maintenance are described as “exempt building work” that is minor and low-risk in nature and where the benefits of requiring a building consent do not exceed associated compliance costs. Such works are generally building work that will not significantly affect public safety or the structural integrity or fire safety components of the building. For further reading and to confirm if you’re proposed maintenance works are in fact excluded, contact a CoveKinloch building surveyor and/or refer to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Building Act publication found at;

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