Pre Purchase Inspection Report

CoveKinloch supports prospective purchasers, vendors, occupiers or financiers in preparing a Pre-Purchase Report of a residential property.

The REINZ/ADLS Agreement for Sale of Purchase of Real Estate 9th Edition (at clause 9.3) allows for the purchaser to obtain a building report, with the agreement conditional on the outcome of the report. The report must be prepared in good faith by a suitably qualified building inspector in accordance with accepted principles and methods.

Regardless of property size or use, CoveKinloch will provide a diligent and thorough report centred around the client’s requirements. CoveKinloch use certified weathertightness inspectors to undertake pre-purchase inspections.

Extending beyond the Pre-Purchase Inspection, CoveKinloch can provide additional services to the new building owners with Technical Due Diligence Reports, Premises Condition Reports, Schedule of Reinstatement, Terminal Schedules, Interim Schedules Reports and maintenance management.

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Deirdre McShane


How long will it take to get a report?

Generally we can turn around the inspection report within two working days following completion of the inspection.

What services are included in the report?

We will check for weathertightness defects, areas of high risk and vulnerable details. We will use a moisture meter in capacitance (non-invasive) mode to check for moisture ingress around openings and high risk areas.

What is the cost of a pre-purchase inspection?

A standard 3-4 bedroom house costs $1,500 including GST and disbursements. Larger homes are costed on an individual basis.

What type of buildings/properties are you able to inspect?

We can inspect any type of residential buildings, including stand-alone properties, terraced units and apartments.