Notices To Fix & Certificate of Acceptance

Under the Building Act 2004 the local Council has the right to issue a ‘notice to fix’ requiring a person to remedy a breach of the Building Act 2004. A breach can relate to un-consented works, works that are not in accordance with an approved building consent, a building warrant of fitness (BWoF) that is not correct and non-complying works, to name a few.

A certificate of acceptance provides a limited assurance in certain circumstances that Council has inspected un-consented building work, or works undertaken urgently, or is satisfied on reasonable grounds the building work complies with the building code.

CoveKinloch has assisted many home and building owners by compiling solutions to rectify the breach and/or applying for a Certificate of Acceptance with Council.

A Certificate of Acceptance is generally required when works have been carried out without the appropriate building consents in place.

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Do I need drawings for a Certificate of Acceptance application?

Yes, generally the Council will require drawings of the as-built situation for them to assess for compliance.

Will the Council need to visit the property?

Yes the Council will visit the site to assess the visible building works to enable the processing of the Certificate of Acceptance. They may at this stage steer you in the direction of an building surveyor to assess the works in more detail.