A ‘Fire Engineering Statement’ for Building Consent

Normally, changes to a building’s layout or its Specified Systems require a building consent and hence require a fire report. However, minor alterations such as:

  • Alterations to internal non-fire rated partitions;
  • Alterations to surface & floor finishes;

are examples of work which do not trigger building consent under Schedule 1 of the NZ Building Act 2004. See here for more information.

Instead of a full fire report, a ‘Fire Engineering Statement’ can be produced to demonstrate that your building will continue to comply with the relevant fire codes after exemptible alteration works are carried out and will likely be far more cost effective.

CoveKinloch has had tremendous success in producing such statements for architects, designers and clients alike, whose designs fall under Schedule 1 work, avoiding triggering building consents and other issues which may arise.

If you would like to get a quote, please send us a project brief, PDF copies of existing and proposed layouts, and all base-building/previous fire reports on record.

NB: Despite not needing a building consent, all building work shall still be undertaken by a licensed professional and must comply with the NZBC.

A ‘Fire Engineering Statement’ for Building Consent