Why are there so many outstanding Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) in New Zealand and does it matter?

A CCC (Code Compliance Certificates in New Zealand) is a formal statement issued, confirming that the building work carried out under a building consent complies both with that building consent and the NZ Building Code. However, our observation from client enquiry is that outstanding and unresolved CCC’s (Code Compliance Certificates) are not uncommon at all. This situation can be resolved on occasion easily and conversely with some difficultly.

Our observations are that the outstanding ccc’s are the result of’:

  • Those responsible for the application to the Council for the CCC failed to do so for a range of reasons that could have been avoided.
  • The building consent conditions were not initially read, evaluated and the appropriate measures during the construction phase were not implemented.
  • Inspections were not undertaken at the correct time or by the appropriately qualified person/s.
  • A historical consent has not been granted a CCC which will hold up the most current CCC issuance.

Does it matter not having a CCC (Code Compliance Certificates) on consented works – well yes it does, and the ramifications can be serious particularly financially. Not having a CCC can lead to a reduced property sale price if selling, an inability to obtain a correct Compliance Schedule and BWoF , it is slopy and  administratively messy. Lending institutions and larger potential tenants will likely review a LIM before committing and will want an outstanding CCC resolved.  For those ignoring the issue and in a  worst-case scenario, a prosecution may occur.

For advice on Code Compliance Certificates in New Zealand contact Jason Timms or Peter Bamford at CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd.

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