Hazardous Building Materials Audit Report

CoveKinloch has a team of building surveyors experienced in Hazardous Building Material inspections of commercial, residential & industrial properties.

A Hazardous Building Materials Audit is the process of visual site inspection for a presence of any ‘suspect’ materials, covering the following:

  • Asbestos containing materials
  • PCB containing materials
  • Materials containing lead
  • Air quality testing – including the presence of harmful bacteria, legionnaires etc.
  • Clandestine lab testing (if required).
  • Random spot tests – if these identify any positive test further testing may be recommended.

Samples are gathered and sent away for analysis by independent lab testing, this then verifies any hazardous materials discovered, enabling the property owner to make an informed assessment of the risks associated with continuing residence where there are known hazardous materials.

CoveKinloch will provide a report which details a register of any hazardous materials found, where they exist – cross referenced to plans and commentary on the extent, risk and remediation options available to suit the client’s specific requirements. Commentary on compliance with the relevant H&S in the workplace legislation will also be supplied.

It is therefore essential that prior to any site inspection or report, that we obtain a full briefing and an understanding of the client’s needs.

Beyond the Hazardous Building Materials Audit, and with the knowledge gained through the exercise, we can, if required, provide additional services of the process to remove, leave in place and the management needed.

Relevant contacts

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How long does it take?

  • For a single story property it would take up to one day to complete the inspection
  • For properties larger than a single story it could take up to three or more days to complete the inspection