Commercial Property Owners and Managers’ 2018 Checklist

Yes we are nearly into another year. For those with the responsibility of managing commercial property, be it industrial, commercial, retail or Unit Title here are a few things to ensure you have ticked off for or during 2018.

1. Passive Fire Systems and Features

Another important issue for owners and managers to consider moving into 2018 is the status of the passive fire protection (PFP) systems within their buildings.  PFP systems and features are in essence the walls, floors and ceilings containing fire & smoke separations including fire rated doors and windows.  Unfortunately many building owners, in part due to the passage of time, do not know if these systems exist in their buildings let alone their status of compliance.

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2. Base Build Fire Reports

Having a post 2013 base build fire report at hand for larger sites and multi-tenanted sites is good practice particularly if a building consent is likely to be applied for at the address in the not too distant future. The process of obtaining such a report can also highlight for discussion systems and features that may need addressing or even curve ball matters such as occupancy numbers or usage.

We can offer discounted pricing for base build fire reports that have a longer lead time.

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3. Asbestos

A reminder that current legislation from 2016 holds obligations for businesses and building owners that must be addressed prior to 4 April 2018 regarding asbestos.

Essentially, if you suspect a building under your control has asbestos containing materials in it then you should by now be planning to have the building inspected by a qualified assessor.

Should asbestos or asbestos containing materials be identified then an asbestos management plan for the workplace will need to be prepared and be operational on or before 4 April 2018.

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4. Long Term Maintenance Plans

Regular review and updating of all Long Term Maintenance Plans is sound practice. The Unit Titles Act requires a review every 3 years and we recommend at a minimum a desk top exercise be completed annually.  With legislation changes (asbestos) and costs increasing for building and trade services LTMPs prepared 2 years ago can quickly become out of date.

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