Feasibility Studies

CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd works with clients and stakeholders to help them navigate through the various stages of an idea, whether it is a refurbishment or repurposing of an existing property or development of a green or brown field site.

Our first step with any feasibility study is to understand what you as the client or stakeholder are wanting to achieve. We work with you and break the process down into logical and manageable steps.

Every client and project is unique and the brief overview of the stages below will need to be specific to the clients’ requirements.

Stage One

  • Meet with the client/stakeholder to understand their requirements and reason for wanting to undertake the project.
  • This may involve a survey of the existing property and providing a report of the current condition of the property.
  • It may also include a high level structural review of the property as part of the overall condition report.

Stage Two

  • High level cost analysis of the project to provide the client with an understanding of the overall cost of the project, including comparable options if applicable.
  • A review of the existing property may be required by specialist consultants such as a Structural Engineer and Services Consultants to ascertain its current condition.
  • Initial seismic assessments and details assessments undertaken on the building.
  • Engaging an Architect to produce as-built drawings for the property and or concept designs.

Stage Three

  • Concept designs becoming more finalised.
  • High level scope of works, specification and programme.
  • More detailed cost estimates are produced as the design is becoming more finalised.
  • Working with funding providers to insure the correct funding is in place.

Stage Four

  • Resource Consent application and lodgement.
  • Building Consent documentation.
  • Finalising Cost Estimates.
  • Tendering.

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