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A new service incorporating the Annual BWoF Inspection with a Commercial Building Survey

Feb 18, 2019

CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd (CKNZL) has recognised a need with a sector of our clients for practical early stage assistance with identifying deferred maintenance and programmed maintenance issues on their buildings.

The benefit of early identification of such issues is useful to all parties involved be they owners and or occupiers.

CKNZL staff have in-house expertise in the IQP, Commercial Building Surveying, Fire Engineering and Evacuation planning arenas.

Our “BWoF PLUS +” service provides for a Commercial Building Surveyor to attend the annual IQP inspection with our IQP who will know the building and the practicalities of access and on site personnel.

The Commercial Building Surveyor will visually inspect the key elements of the building:  exterior fabric, roof (if possible), common areas, basements, grounds and key services. The aim is to identify any unusual and significant items of deferred and planned maintenance together with identifying any items for further discussion or investigation. This is a high level cost effective process designed to assist with the identification of any unexpected maintenance items and to minimise any subsequent impact on the building elements’ functionality.

Clients will receive a short form report with photographs, commentary and a conclusion summarising any items identified.

The idea is that this service is planned in advance and can be delivered in a cost effective manner. The fee is outlined as an additional option within the BWoF offer of service or separately for existing BWoF clients.

Should you wish to discuss this BWoF PLUS + service please contact Peter Bamford, Director, Chartered Building Surveyor on 029 520 9592 or email on

Alternatively link directly to “Request on Offer of Service


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