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Occupancy Numbers on a Compliance Schedule – Just what do they mean?

Jun 19, 2018

For those dealing with BWoFs and Compliance Schedules (C/S) on a regular basis you will have noticed that some BWoFs include “Occupancy Numbers” and some do not. This information should be recorded on the buildings compliance schedule however often it is not. How can this be for what appears to be a key piece of building safety information?

The Building Act 2004 Form 12 (Warrant of Fitness) Prescribed Form requires that the maximum number of occupants that can safely use the building (if applicable) be noted. The Act also requires that the current lawfully established use is noted on the BWoF including the number of occupants per level and per use if more the 1.

CoveKinloch always retain the “Occupancy Number” box on our Form 12 and if we have no number we will insert “Unknown”

Occupancy loads are often taken from the original base build fire report. Over time and with lessee building consents being approved the occupancy loads can increase. The new loading however is often not transferred to the C/C via Form 11 application thus creating a confused situation.

Concern can arise when occupant loads above the prescribed “Occupancy Number” occur. Some ignore the issue while others take the view the situation should be resolved. We endorse the latter.

Our recommendation is to seek advice which may lead to a simple resolution after discussion with the local TA, or obtain an Occupancy Load report or perhaps an updated fire report.

Should you wish to speak to our Fire Team on this topic then please contact:


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