Building Compliance – Complexities on the Road to a BWoF

The role of the building compliance manager is a complex one and is increasingly becoming a specialist skill in itself. This is particularly so for complex buildings with high numbers of daily occupants and or accommodation facilities. In fact many of the smaller buildings present regulatory obstacles on the road to the issuance of a building warrant of fitness.

The role of the building compliance manager now requires considerable depth of knowledge of the Building Act, Building Codes and NZ Standards together with clear insight as to how each local authority will interpret legislation within its own patch.

As Secretary of The Association of Building Compliance (ABC) I am at the coal face of the discussions both FPANZ and ABC are having with Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. Scott Lawson, NZFPA Executive Director provides further insight into the complexities of the IQP role.

IQPs in legal limbo awaiting instructions

Laura Williams.

Building Compliance Operations Manager

CoveKinloch New Zealand Ltd.